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The other day I was at the bank where they told me about the new tracking sheets the sales people fill out.  Their biggest complaint was what a pain the forms were to fill out.  Then I remembered what makes such forms easy to complete.  HOT KEYS!

That’s right, hotkeys.  With the right combination of keystrokes, filling out an Excel form is quick and easy!

Here, let me show you:

Need to copy the entry from the cell before?  Use CTRL and ”.  Add today’s date by pressing CTRL and semi-colon. Need to enter the current time?  Use CTRL and colon.

Below is the link to the Microsoft help page that lists all of the shortcuts!



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We like to count things at Holy Cow. We count words, hours, followers, sodas left in the fridge, site hits, fans, days ’til payday, visitors, bounce rate…we count so much we have our own analytics guy.

The truth is most businesses count things. If they aren’t counting, they are missing information vital to running a business successfully.

Our guy builds spreadsheets for us to count, calculate and analyze data. Not only does he build the spreadsheet, he advises us on how to use excel to work smarter.

Here, let me show you:

Don’t have your own data guy? Well, learn from ours!

He’ll be teaching Microsoft Excel as well as Microsoft Word beginning the week of May 14.
Contact Reuben if you’d like class information.

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