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Twitter bird yellingAccording to Urban Dictionary, being “tweetable” means that something is worthy of being written about on Twitter. It may be good or bad – it applies to anything worth a tweet.

What’s even better than being tweetable? Why being retweetable, of course! Being retweetable means that someone else felt your information was valuable enough to pass it along to their followers, too.

On Twitter, you only have 140 characters to get your message out there, and make it noticed. It is important you’re thinking like your followers (who should include your clients and prospects) and using catchy verbiage through a somewhat conversational tone to strike their interest. Start your tweets with a clever pun, quote, or phrase that will make a person look twice at your tweet. Then, continue your update with what you’re promoting toward the end. The better the quality of the information you provide, the more likely your followers will retweet it.

Quick Tips for being Retweetable

  • People love infographics
  • Don’t just talk about yourself (booorrrring)
  • Share things you think are interesting (chances are, others will find it interesting, too)
  • Retweet quality tweets from others, they’ll pay more attention to what you say, too

Now that you’re fully armed, we hope you’ll be tweeting like pros!


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