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I went to a Business Wire presentation the other day. It was all geared towards helping pr people figure out what to do with social media. There were three guys presenting, Nathan Gilliatt, Cord Silverstein and Jim Tobin, who have submerged themselves in a world that believes the internet has become a place for conversations. One of the guys likened it to a cocktail party.

Personally, I loved this concept. Too often, marketing types (and I happen to be one) get so wrapped up in how their clients should be portrayed that they forget that getting feedback from other people is important. I have fully embraced the idea of wandering around, glass of chilled chardonnay in hand, finding like-minded people to talk to, ask questions and interact.

Anyhow, I found that I was a large step ahead of many of my fellow pr counterparts. Most of the people in the room had not moved from the “web is for information” to the “web is for communication” mindset.

Having realized this, I thought to myself, “What better time than the present to get all my online social communication channels up to par.” Lucky for you, you just might find me out there if you look hard enough.


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