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I’m still not sure how I feel about location-based social networking and if it is something I can use for business. Aliza Sherman wrote an article for Web Worker Daily called “How to Used Location-based Social Networking for Business,” that has some good insight.

I’ve got and account on FourSquare, but to be honest with you, I don’t even really know how to check in. There is also a more local social networking tool called TriOut that is really popular. Now, FaceBook has added a check-in feature called “Places.” It’s not as robust as other independent social networking sites, but it does let people tell their friends where they are.

So now the question is, which tool is the best one for me to use? Who should I connect with on there? Does it positively impact my brand? Again, I am not sure how to maximize this for myself, but I can tell you it is an amazing way for businesses to connect with customers and to keep people coming back, especially retail and restaunrants. The Pit in Raleigh is a living testimony to that.


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